Leo VI, Emperor of the East 866-912

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Leo VI, Emperor of the East 866-912
Alt names:
Leo, VI, the Wise, Emperor of the East
Leo, the Wise
Leo, the Philosopher
Leon, VI, Emperor of the East
Leon, VI, der Weise
Leon, der Weise
Leone, VI, Emperor of the East
Leone, il Filosofo
Leōn, ho Sophos
Leone, il Saggio
Leone, VI, il Saggio
Leōn, VI, ho Sophos
Autokratōr Leōn, VI, ho Sophos
Field of activity:
Military Author
Ecloga Basilicorum, c1988 (name not given)
Ency. Brit., 15th ed. (Leo VI The Wise, epithet also The Philosopher (866-912)
Byzantine coemperor from 886 to 912, completed the legal work begun under his father, Basil I, the Macedonian)
LC data base, 4-19-90 (hdg.: Leo VI, the Wise, Emperor of the East, 865-911)
Brock. Enzy., 1970 (Leon VI, der Weise (886-912))
Basil I. Ammaestramenti dell&#039
imperadore Basilio a suo figliuolo Leone il Filosofo, 1796
Papyros Larous (Leōn 6., ho Sophos, Emperor of the Byzantium, 886-912
attributed to him is the Eparchiakon vivlion)
Hoi historēmenoi chrēsmoi tou Leontos 6. tou Sophou, 1995: p. 276 (Leone il Saggio
Leone VI il Saggio (886-912))
Autokratoros Leontos, taktika, 2001: t.p. (Ho autokratōr Leōn VI, ho Sophos)
TLG Canon of Greek Authors and Works, Third Edition,
Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, Vol , 1867, p. 1:
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