Lasus b. 548 B.C

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Lasus b. 548 B.C
Alt names:
Lasos, d'Hermione
Lasos, aus Hermione
Laso, di Ermione
Lasos, Hermioneus
Lasus, Lyricus
Field of activity:
Dithyrambic Poet
Lyric Poet
Testimonianze e frammenti, c2000: t.p. (Laso di Ermione) p. 11, etc. (b. 548 B.C., Hermione, Argolis
Lasos Hermioneus)
Harper's dict. of class. lit. & antiq. (Lasus [Lasos, in Greek] lyric poet and teacher of Pindar
lived in Athens under patronage of Hipparchus)
Oxford dict. of class. lit
TLG Canon of Greek Authors and Works, Third Edition, pg. 242
Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, Vol 2, 1867, p. 723-724: "Lasus, one of the principal Greek lyric poets, was a native of Hermione, in Argolis...He is celebrated as the founder of the Athenian school of dithyrambic poetry..."
Brill's New Pauly: "L. of Hermione Poet, c. 500 BC, in the Argolis (incorrectly in the Suda: Achaia). The Suda places his date of birth in the 58th Oympiad. (548-544 BC). Like Anacreon and Simonides, this Greek poet was under the patronage of Hipparchus in Athens. According to Hdt. 7,6, Onomacritus was expelled by Hipparchus when L. caught him forging oracles of Musaeus. The Schol. Aristoph. Av. 1403 quotes authorities who consider L. the first organizer of dithyrambic choruses positioned in a circle, rather than Arion
according to the Suda, on the other hand, he introduced dithyrambic contests...." Robbins, Emmet (Toronto)
Hübner, Wolfgang (Münster). "Lasus." Brill's New Pauly. Antiquity volumes edited by: Hubert Cancik and
Helmuth Schneider . Brill, 2010. Brill Online. Tufts University Library. 01 November 2010
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