Gallus, C. Asinius (Caius Asinius) 41 B.C.-33 A.D

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Gallus, C. Asinius (Caius Asinius) 41 B.C.-33 A.D
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Asinius Gallus, C. (Caius)
C. Asinius Gallus
Asinius Gallus, Caius
Asinius Gallus, Gaius
Gallus, Gaius Asinius
C. Asinius Gallus (Caius Asinius Gallus)
Gallus, Caius Asinius
Gaio Asinio Gallo
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The works of C. Asinius Gallus [CF] 1991: PHI CD ROM #5.3, Latin Canon, bibliographic screen (C. Asinius Gallus)
Oxford class. dict., 1st ed.: p. 379 (Gallus, Gaius Asinius
consul in 8 B.C.
married Vipsania, ex-wife of Tiberius, 12 B.C.
imprisoned by Tiberius 30 A.D. and died in imprisonment 3 years later)
NUC pre-56: v. 189, p. 659 (Gallus, Caius Asinius, B.C. 1st cent.)
Pauly-Wissowa: 4. Halbbd., col. 1585-1588
, #15
(C. Asinius C.f. Gallus
son of C. Asinius Polio
b. 41 (B.C.)
consul in 8 B.C.
married Vipsania, former wife of Tiberius, 12 B.C.
imprisoned for alleged involvement with Sejanus 30 A.D.
died of starvation while imprisoned, 33 A.D.)
A Dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology, 1967: v. 2, p. 225
, #2 (C. Asinius, C.f. Gallus)
Who was who in the Roman world, 1980: p. 31 (Asinius Gallus)
Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, Vol 2, 1867, p. 225: "Gallus, Asinius, C., a son of C. Asinius Pollio, bore the agnomen of Saloninus.....The writings of Asinius Gallus, however, have perished, and all that has come down of his productions is a short epigram preserved in Suetonius..."
Brill's New Pauly: "Son of the consul of 40 BC, C. Asinius [I 4] Pollio
III vir monetalis in 23/22 BC, participated in the secular games of 17 BC as XV vir sacris faciundis, in 8 BC cos. ord., in 6/5 BC procos. Asiae
amicus of Augustus
allegedly called unsuitable for the principate by him (Tac. Ann. 1,13,2) [1]. When Tiberius was forced to divorce Vipsania Agrippina [1] in 12 BC, she married Gallus. Tensions with Tiberius after AD 14
closely allied with L. Aelius [II 19] Seianus, after whose fall sentenced by the Senate, kept imprisoned for three years, died in 33..." Eck, Werner (Cologne). "Asinius." Brill's New Pauly. Antiquity volumes edited by: Hubert Cancik and
Helmuth Schneider . Brill, 2010.
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