Eunapius ca. 345-ca. 420

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Eunapius ca. 345-ca. 420
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Eunape, de Sardes
Eunapio, di Sardi
Eunapius, Sardianus
Eunapios, aus Sardes
Eunapios, von Sardeis
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Blockley, R. C. The fragmentary classicising historians of the later Roman Empire, c1981-1983: t.p., v. 1 (Eunapius)
Goulet, R. Etudes sur les vies de philosophes de l'antiquité tardive, 2001: p. 424 (Eunape de Sardes)
Baldini, A. Ricerche sulla Storia di Eunapio di Sardi, 1984
Philostratus, the Athenian. Philostratorum et Callistrati opera, 1849: t.p. (Eunapii ... ) p. 449 (Eunapii Sardiani ... ) p. 453 (Eunapiou ... [in Greek alphabet])
LC manual auth. cd. (hdg.: Eunapius)
TLG Canon of Greek Authors and Works, Third Edition, pg. 160
Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, Vol 2, 1867, p. 93: "Eunapius, a Greek sophist and historianwas born at Sardis in A.D. 347.... He is the author of two works 1. Lives of Sophists, which work is still extant....2. A continuation of the history of fourteen books..."
Brill's New Pauly: "Greek sophist and historian from Sardeis (c. AD 347-414) [8. 2-4], who, apart from a comprehensive philosophical and rhetorical eduction by Chrysanthius and Prohaeresius also possessed excellent medical knowledge and the favour of Oribasius. In his writings E. was a determined opponent of Christianity, to which, an adherent of Julian the Apostate.... he opposed the concept of a restored Greek paideía. Of the ‘Histories’ (Ἱστορικὰ ὑπομνήματα/Historikà hypomnḗmata, 14 vol.) that he wrote at the suggestion of Oribasius .... only fragments are preserved..... Probably after completing the first part of the ‘Histories’, E. wrote in 396 or 399 [8. 9
3] the ‘Lives of the Sophists’ (βίοι σοφιστῶν/Bíoi sophistôn). This completely preserved work was structured following Philostratus' .... model of the same name, and contains 24 biographies of varying length of Neoplatonists, Sophists and physicians esp. of the 4th cent. AD....."
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