Ephraem Syrus, Saint 303-373

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LCCN n 50082928
LCCN n 86079901
Ephraem Syrus, Saint 303-373
Alt names:
Efrem, Sirin, Saint
Ephraem, der Syrer, Saint
Ephraem Syrus, Saint
Epʻrem Khuri, Asori, Saint
Ephraim, the Syrian, Saint
Ephrem, the Syrian, Saint
Ephrem, de Nisibe, Saint
Aphrem, Saint
Afrām,, Mār,
Ifram, al-Suryānī, Saint
Ephrem, Saint
Ifrām, Mār
Epʻrem Khori, Asori, Saint
Aprem, Mar
Ephraim, der Syrer
Effrem,, Sanctus,
Éphrem,, le Syrien
Éphrem,, le Syrien
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Martikainen, J. Gerechtigkeit und Gütes Gottes, 1981: t.p. (Ephraem dem Syrer)
His The harp of the spirit, 1984: CIP t.p. (Saint Ephrem)
His Tafsīr li-Sifr al-Khurūj, 1983: t.p. (al-Qiddīs Ifrām al-Suryānī) introd. (Sancti Ephraem Syri
Mār Ifrām)
Svi︠a︡toĭ Efrem Sirin, 1993-1995
Matenadaran hayk. tʻargm. nakhneatsʻ, 1889: p. 443, etc. (Epʻrem Khuri Asori, Saint Ephrem, le diacre syrien
Epʻrem Khori)
Aprem, M. Mar Aprem, theologial & poet, 306-373 A.D., 1990: introd. (Mar Aprem or St. Ephrem)
Die Paränesis Ephraims des Syrers in südslavischen Handschriften des 14.-16. Jahrhunderts, 1997
LC PreMARC file (hdg.: Ephraem Syrus, Saint)
Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, Vol 2, 1867, p. 28: "Ephraem or Ephraim, a Syrian, born at Nisbis, flourished A.D. 370.....
Brill's New Pauly: "Syrian poet and theologian (c. AD 306-373)
his reputation was already known to Jerome in 392 (Vir. ill. 115). He spent the greater part of his life as a deacon in Nisibis
when in AD 363 the city was ceded to the Persians, he settled in Edessa, the modern Urfa. The 6th.-cent. vita is filled out with many fabulous tales. E.'s writings may be divided into three categories: verse writings, which make up the major part, artistic prose and prose....."
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