Alanus de Insulis d. 1202

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Alanus de Insulis d. 1202
Alt names:
Alanus, ad Insulus
Alain, de Lille
Alanus, Porretanus
Alan, of Lille
Alanus de Insulis
Alanus, ab Insulis
Alano, di Lilla
Alanus, Insulanus
Insulis, Alanus de
Alain, de l'Isle
Isle, Alain de l'
L'Isle, Alain de
Alain, of Lille
Alain, von Ryssel
Ryssel, Alain von
His The complaint of nature, 1908
His The plaint of nature, 1980: t.p. (Alan of Lille)
Evans, G. Alan of Lille, 1983: CIP t.p. (Alan of Lille) pref. (d. 1202-3)
Alanus ab Insulis, c1993
Liber parabolarum, 1993: t.p. (Alano di Lilla)
Anticlaudianus, or, The good and perfect man, c1987: t.p. (Alan of Lille) p. 9-10 (d. between Apr. 14, 1202 and Apr. 5, 1203, using Paschal method of reckoning years
b. 1116 or 1117 based on forensic examination
earlier scholarship had placed his birth ca. 1128)
Foote, A. Vita nostra plena bellis, c1995: p. 2 (Alanus Insulanus)
Cath. encyc. (Alain de L'Isle
also called Alain of Lille, Alanus ab Insulis or de Insulis, Alain von Ryssel, etc.
monk, poet, preacher, theologian, and eclectic philosopher
b. probably at Lille ca. 1128, d. 1203)
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