Constantine I, Emperor of Rome d. 337

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Constantine I, Emperor of Rome d. 337
Alt names:
Constantinus, I, the Great, Emperor of Rome
Constantin, I, Emperor of Rome
Konstantin, Velikiĭ
Konstantin, den Store
Konstantin, Vulki
Kōnstantinos, ho Megas
Kōnstantinos, I, Emperor of Rome
Konstantyn, Weliký
Kostandianos, I, Emperor of Rome
Constantine, the Great
Constantinus Flavius Valerius Aurelius, Emperor of Rome
Constantinus, I, Emperor of Rome
Costantino, I, Emperor of Rome
Constantinus, Magnus
Costantino, il Grande
Konstantin, der Grosse
Constantine, Saint
Konstantin, I, Emperor of Rome
Constantijn, de Grote
Constantin, cel Mare
Flavius Valerius Constantinus, Emperor of Rome
Constantin, le Grand
Konstantin, Veliki
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Barnea, I. Constantin cel Mare, 1982: t.p., etc. (Constantin cel Mare)
L'Orange, H.P. Das spätantike Herrscherbild von Diokletian bis zu den Konstantin-Söhnen, 284-361 n. Chr., c1984: t.p. (Konstantin) p. 38, etc. (b. ca. 282
d. 337
Flavius Valerius Constantinus)
Loi de jugement, 1971: t.p. (Empereur Constantin)
Le pied de l'arc en ciel, 1995: cover p. 4 (Constantin "le Grand")
Hoi morphes tōn archaiōn theōn stēn nomismatokopia tou Megalou Kōnstantinou, 1998: p. 47 (Constantine I, the Great, reigned from 25th of July, 306 AD up to his death on 22nd of May, 337)
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Smith's Dictionary

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