Calbulus Poeta 5. bzw. 5./6. Jh. n. Chr

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Calbulus Poeta 5. bzw. 5./6. Jh. n. Chr
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Calbulus, Grammaticus
Calbulus, Africanus
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Arnold Hugh Martin Jones, John Robert Martindale, J. Morris, The Prosopography of the Later Roman Empire, 1980, pg. 251: "Calbulus, author of a poem, Christian in character, in the Codex Salmasianicus, Anth. Lat. I 378 (Calbuli grammatici). Like other poets in the collection, he was perhaps a native of Africa under the Vandal kindgom...."
Vandals, Romans and Berbers: new perspectives on late antique North Africa , 2004, Andrew H. Merrils, pg. 138-139- "Our knowledge of the poets of Vandal Africa is skeletal...The sparse remains of works of other poets who wrote during this period survive in the Anthologia Latina, a collection of African poems first made by Burman, revised by Meyer in 1835 and Riese in 1869 and 1894, and known also in Baehens version of 1882. It is not known, however, when these poets lived and worked , or much more about them other than their names: Avitus, Bonosus, Calbulus, Cato, Coronatus, Felix, Florentinus, Lindinus, Luxorius, Modestinus, Octavianus, Ponannus, Regianus, Tuccianus and Vincentinus..."
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