Caesar Strabo, C. Julius ca. 130-87 B.C

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Caesar Strabo, C. Julius ca. 130-87 B.C
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Caesar Strabo, Gaius Iulius
Caesar Strabo, C. Iulius
Strabo, C. Iulius Caesar
Strabo, C. Julius Caesar
Caesar Strabo Vopiscus, C. Iulius
Caesar Strabo, Gaius Julius Vopiscus
Vopiscus, C. Iulius Caesar Strabo
C. Iulius Caesar Strabo
Strabo, Gaius Iulius Caesar
Field of activity:
Tragic Poet
The works of C. Iulius Caesar Strabo [CF] 1991: PHI CD ROM #5.3, Latin Canon, bibliographic screen (C. Iulius Caesar Strabo)
Pauly-Wissowa: 19. Halbbd., col. 428-431
, #135 (C. Iulius L.f. aesar Strabo
b. ca. 130 B.C.
aedile, 90 B.C.
murdered with his brother Lucius by the Marianists, 87 B.C.)
Oxford class. dict., 1st ed.: p. 154 (Caesar Strabo, Gaius Julius Vopiscus
curule aedile, 90 B.C.
killed by the Marians with his brother Lucius, 87 B.C.)
Malcovati, E. Oratorum romanorum fragmenta liberae rei publicae, 1955: p. 272 (C. Iulius Caesar Strabo
called Strabo, Vopiscus, or Sesquiculus
b. ca. 130 B.C.
aedile curule, 90 B.C.
murdered with his brother Lucius by the Marians, 87 B.C.)
Dict. of Greek and Roman biography and mythology), 1967: v. 1, p. 537-538
, #10 (C. Julius L.f. Sex.n. Caesar Strabo Vopiscus
accused T. Albucinus, praetor in Sicily, of extortion, 103 B.C.
curule aedile, 90 B.C.
candidate for consulship, 88 B.C.
put to death 87 B.C.)
NUC pre-56
Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, Vol 1, 1867, p. 537-538: "Caesar Strabo Vopiscus....C. Caesar was regarded as one of the chief orators and poets of his age, and is introduced by Cicero as one of the second speakers in the second book of his the "De Oratores."....
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