Olympiodorus the Younger, of Alexandria active 6th century

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Olympiodorus the Younger, of Alexandria active 6th century
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Ὀλύμπιόδωρος ὁ Νεώτερος
Ὀλύμπιόδωρος, ὁ Νεώτερος
Olympiodoros, the Younger
Olympiodorus, Neoplatonist
Olympiodorus, the Platonist
Olimpiodore, le Jeune
Olympiodoros, der Jüngere
Olümpiodórosz, filozófus
Olimpiodoro, el Joven
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The Greek commentaries on Plato's Phaedo, 1976-1977: t.p. (Olympiodorus)
Encyclopedia Britannica, 1982: macropaedia (Olympiodorus, the name of several ancient Greek writers: Olympiodorus of Thebes, fl. 5th cent., Olympiodorus the Elder, of Alexandria, f. 5th cent., Olympiodorus the Younger, of Alexandria, fl. 6th cent., Olympiodorus the Alchemist, who has sometimes been identified with Olympiodorus of Thebes or with Olympiodorus the Younger, Olympiodorus the Younger, of Alexandria was Greek Neoplatonist philosopher and writer of commentaries on Plato and Aristotle)
Grant, M. Greek and Latin authors, 1980 (there were two philosophers named Olympiodorus who were natives of Alexandria, one a Peripatetic of the 5th cent., the other a Neoplatonist of the 6th cent.)
LC PA classification schedule (Olympiodorus, of Alexandria (the younger), 6th cent. C.E.)
Der Kleine Pauly (Olympiodoros (no. 5), Platonic philosopher, active at Alexandria in second half of 6th cent.)
Pauly-Wissowa (Olympiodoros (no. 13), the Younger, Neoplatonist philosopher of 6th cent. in Alexandria, wrote commentaries on Plato and Aristotle, article has running title: Olympiodoros (Neuplat.))
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