Vespa 2./4. Jh. n. Chr

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Vespa 2./4. Jh. n. Chr
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Vespa, Verfasser von Streitgedichten
Vespa, Dichter
Field of activity:
Iudicium coci et pistoris
Anthologia Latina 199
Anth. Lat. 199
Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, Vol , 1867, p. 1:
Brill's New Pauly: "The only occupational agon surviving from Antiquity is the 'contest between the cook and the baker' (Iudicium coci et pistoris) by the Latin poet who called him/herself V. ('Wasp')
the poem may have been performed in public (Public recitals)
it was included in the anthology of the Codex Salmasianus (Anth. Lat. 199
Anth. Lat.3 190). Date: between the 2nd and 5th cent. AD, probably 4th cent. (probable reference to Nemesianus [1] and Ausonius)..." from Smolak, Kurt (Vienna). "Vespa." Brill's New Pauly. Antiquity volumes edited by: Hubert Cancik and
Helmuth Schneider . Brill, 2011. Brill Online. Tufts University Library. 21 March 2011.
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Iudicium coci et pistoris iudice Vulcano.